Welcome to Ewa and Krzysztof Wawrzonek’s Qualified Households website. It is located in the village of Zasów in the Dębicki poviat in Podkarpacie.

The farm has been producing fruit trees and shrubs since the 1990s.

At the beginning, the production of fruit trees and shrubs amounted to tens of thousands of seedlings, over the years and thanks to the recognition of our customers and the introduction of modern technology, annual production increased to 300,000 fruit trees, 100,000 fruit bushes and 400,000 of vegetative and generative rooted plants adapted to budding.

We are a member of Podkarpackie Stowarzyszenie Producentów Materiału Szkółkarskiego in Zasów. To ensure the highest quality of our products. Trees and shrubs are regularly tested in Plant Protection and Seed Inspectorate, there is verified the resistance to viruses.